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The waters of the Rio Grande River between Creede and South Fork are known as "Gold Medal" waters,
which are catch-and-release fishing areas and offer the greatest potential for trophy trout fishing.
Gold Medal waters support recreational fishing, by keeping fish in the water and letting them grow, to a
larger size. The South Fork area has several stretches of the Rio Grande River that are designated as
Gold Medal waters.  You can find brown and rainbow trout fishing from Rio Grande Reservoir
downstream to Del Norte. The section of water between South Fork and Del Norte provides the best
location for catching trophy brown trout. Beaver Creek Reservoir is also a popular trout fishing area in the South Fork area. The reservoir is populated with brown, rainbow and brook trout, along with Kokanee salmon for trolling fishermen. Ice fishing is also popular here during the winter months.



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Southern Colorado´s Premier Golf Course

Located at the base of breathtaking Wolf Creek Pass, the Rio Grande Club and its surrounding trophy-home community is a semi-private resort and club featuring our majestic 18 hole championship golf course, private fly fishing lodge, full service fitness center, tennis courts, pool complex, and 25,000 square foot Clubhouse which boasts of two fabulous restaraunts. The golf course and restaurants are open to the public. Come visit for a day and you will be inclined to stay for a lifetime.


So come and bask in the beauty of the mountains,
and enjoy our unique golfing atmosphere!


Rafting The Rio Grande

For a change of pace, rafting the blue waters of the Rio Grande offers an exciting challenge, for young and old alike. For those looking for adventure on the river, June is the best, since it takes advantage of spring run off,  allowing for a tremendous ride on the white water! Although if a quiet, calm, and slow ride down the river is what you require, you may pick and choose your own desired location and time frame for your trip.

Rafting on the Rio Grande offers a unique vantage point for experiencing the Rio Grande National Forest, and all of the flora and fauna that it has to offer. While basking in the sunshine, and living in the tranquility that a quiet river ride can bring, you will get the chance to enjoy, wildlife viewing, and fishing the river, in peace away from the rest of the world.


Be adventurous and follow the white water! 
Raft the Rio Grande!


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Cottonwood Cove-Rafts, Horses,Jeeps


Wolf Creek Ski & Sports


4-Wheeling & ATVing
For those adventurers who want to add a little spice to their life, by 4-wheeling in the mountains of South Fork and the surrounding areas, there are literally tons of opportunities, for both the 4-wheelers who don't want to scratch the paint, and for those who feel the need not only to scratch the paint, but add a few more dents, to the existing ones. Whether you choose a maintained forest service road or a rough trail to the back woods you are sure to find something to fit your level and time schedule including anything from a couple of hours of fun in the sun, to a full day of the most beautiful rugged high mountain terrain, only viewed from the roughest 4X4s.



Some of the most popular 4-wheeling roads around South Fork


Willow Park/Del Norte Peak # 345 (E. Hwy. 160, right @ Rd. #345)
Beaver Creek/Cross Creek # 360 (W. Hwy 160, left @ Beaver Creek Rd.)
Fox Mountain/Park Creek Road # 380 (W. Hwy. 160, left @ Rd. # 380)
Pass Creek Trail/ Tucker Ponds # 390 (W. Hwy. 160, left @ Rd. # 390)
Alder Creek Trail #610 (N. Hwy. 149, right @ Rd. # 610)
Pool Table/ Wheeler Geologic Area #600 (N. Hwy. 149, right @ Rd. # 600)
Cinnamon Pass (Rd. 30 to Rd. 4 to Rd. 5 to Rd. 2 to Silverton)
Engineer Pass (FSR 20 to FSR 878 to Ouray or Rd. 20 to 19 to Rd 2 to Silverton
Stony Pass #520


 Some of the most popular ATV trails around South Fork


Trail Altitude Length

Embargo Creek #792(E. Hwy. 160, left @ Embargo Creek Rd.)

8,500-12,000 ft 6 miles
Cathedral Creek #794(E. Hwy. 160, left @ Embargo Creek Rd.) 9,370-10,960 ft 3.25 miles
Cross Creek #812(W. Hwy. 160, Left @ Beaver Creek Rd.) 8,400-9,000 ft 4 miles
Trout Creek #831 (W. Hwy. 160) 8,400-9,000 ft 8 miles
Tewksberry Trail #842 (W. Hwy. 160, left @ Beaver Creek Rd.) 8,400-9,440 ft 5 miles
Wolf Creek Trail #849 (E. Hwy. 160 to Rd. 345) 9,800 ft  
Shady Creek #898 (Elk Park @ Cty. Rd. 14) 9,800-11,400 ft 10 miles
West Bear Creek #932 (N. Hwy. 149, right @ Cty. Rd. 15) 8,400-9,200 ft 2.5 miles
Church Creek #934 (W. Hwy. 160, left @ Beaver Creek Rd.) 8,200-8,900 ft 4 miles



Rio Grande National Forest


The Rio Grande National Forest is partially located in Rio Grande County, and is host to the beginning of Rio Grande River as it makes its 1,885 mile journey to the Gulf of Mexico. Designated as a national forest by a Presidential Proclamation in 1908 by Theodore Roosevelt. The Rio Grande Forest covers more than 1.8 million acres of mountain peaks and valleys that are rich in minerals, timber, wildlife and scenic resources.


Activities within the Forest are limitless. Excellent fishing opportunities are provided by the area's 80 cold water lakes, 150 streams and the specially designated Gold Medal fishing waters of the Rio Grande River. Whether you enjoy hiking, Mt. biking, scenic driving tours, camping, horseback riding or photography. The Rio Grande National forest has something for everyone. 
Big game hunters find abundant deer, elk, mountain sheep, bears, antelope and mountain lions. Although the area also boast large numbers of small game mammals, birds, and water fowl. Winter brings the opportunity to enjoy downhill and cross country skiing, snowmobiling, snow shoeing and sledding.


Throughout the forest one will also find scattered remnants of Colorado's rich history. Early day mining
camps, and homesteads are abundant, and with a little imagination visitors can also trace the routes
of early explores such as Juan Bautista De Anza, Zebulon Pike and John C. Freemont.

Hunting in South Fork, is often classified as BIG! Hunters of all types can find adventure in the
Colorado mountains, with 113 species of wildlife categorized as sport game. Hunting in South Fork
includes everything from small game in squirrels and turkeys to big game in the form of elk, deer,
and big horn sheep. Water fowl and birds are a hunting class of their own.

Big game in Colorado, and the South Fork area is hunted in the fall of each year. The first season usually
starts in mid November, for rifle hunters. Archery seasons are usually in late August to early September.
Bear seasons usually start in September and go to November.

 Moose which were transplanted to the area in 1993, are now available for hunting, through a special draw license. However, when hunting big game in the South Fork area make sure you know the difference between moose and elk, whom it closely resembles, since the fine for illegally shooting a moose is substantial.

Although their numbers are limited, bighorn sheep and mountain goats, can also be hunted by drawing for a tag. The season for hunting these two species are usually the end of August through October.



The Rio Grande National Forest offers a multitude of camping opportunities, whether you decide to stay in a portable camper trailer, tent, or rough it under the stars, you are sure to find the perfect location, with almost 2 million acres of national forest surrounding the South Fork area. There are approximately 17 developed campgrounds along highways 149 and 160, which can accommodate both camper trailers and tents.